Our Solution

Radon Remedy provides radon ventilation system design and installation. A radon ventilation system is effective because it actively draws the radon from the soil below the house and diverts it before it has a chance of ever collecting within the house. The gases are instead exhausted safely outside and up at the roofline.

The most common technique is called 'sub-slab depressurization.' It is highly effective and does not require major changes to a home. A radon reduction system typically costs between $800 - $1200 and installation takes about 4-5 hours. It is just another routine home repair and should never interfere with home purchase or ownership.

Radon Remedy provides an EPA-certified retest kit as part of the installation process to ensure successful radon removal. Our work is backed up by a warranty and a guarantee.

Additional Benefits

Mitigation systems have been shown to offer additional benefits beyond just reducing radon. The constant air-flow under the slab of the home prevents damp soil air from entering the house. This will result in a noticeably drier basement, which helps to retard the growth of mold and mildew, filters out pollen and spores, and greatly reduces musty odors!  In addition, homeowners who suffer from asthma will find their difficulty breathing eased as a result of the improved quality of the indoor air.

A radon system makes keeping the family healthy a much easier job.

An Active Partnership

When Radon Remedy, LLC is hired to install a radon mitigation system, you hire a partner for throughout the entire process. We offer to involve all interested parties in the process (with permission) so that the design process is the most appropriate for that particular house. It goes a long way when a potential buyer is involved in this decision-making process. By explaining the entire system being installed we can smooth the way and satisfy questions.

We specialize in customer service. You are welcome to call at any time - even for advice and information only - no strings attached and no sales pitch. We can provide brochures, answers to your questions or an educations workshop for realtors. Let us help you be prepared to handle whatever comes up.

Radon Removal Solutions